Podcast: Guitar talk with Jamie Kime

Podcasts of Guitar Talk with John March and Jamie Kime, (Grammy award winning Guitarist with Zappa Plays Zappa and Dr. John), recovered from archives, some episodes are missing:

guitartalk01 Episode 1 Introducing the show and what it is all about!

guitartalk02 Episode 2 Strats VS. les Paul’s?

guitartalk03 Episode 3 Guitar amplifiers in all their Glory!

guitartalk04 Episode 4 Getting a good Live sound for electric Guitar

guitartalk05 Episode 5 Guitar Influences, who are they and why!

guitartalk06 Episode 6 Special guest Keyboard Virtuoso Mitchel Forman!!!

guitartalk07 Episode 7 Why is what we do important?

guitartalk08 Episode 8 Interview with Reinhold Bogner!

guitartalk13 Episode 13 The Art of Improvisation

guitartalk14 Episode 14 What do you take to the Gig?

guitartalk16 Episode 16 How money works

guitartalk17 Episode 17 Stylistic Purism

Produced, edited and mixed by John March. Original opening sound design by John March © 2017 All rights reserved for all podcasts. Duplication is by permission only.