Podcast Series: “Guitar talk” with Co-Host and my pal, Guitarist Jamie Kime

My YouTube Channel – The ZenGuitarGuy 

Episode 1 Introducing the show and what it is all about!

Episode 2 Strats VS. les Paul’s?

Episode 3 Guitar amplifiers in all their Glory!

Episode 4 Getting a good Live sound for electric Guitar

Episode 5 Guitar Influences, who are they and why!

Episode 6 Special guest Keyboard Virtuoso Mitchel Forman!!!

Episode 7 Speaking with Bass player Travis Carlton

Episode 8 – Rheinhold Bogner interview

Episode 9 – Self -promotion in the Digital Age

Episode 10 – MIT’s Daniel Gilbert

Episode 11 – 

Episode 12 – Phrasing and improvisation

Episode 13 The Art of Improvisation

Episode 14 What do you take to the Gig?

Episode 15 – Dealing with injuries

Episode 16 How money works

Episode 17 Stylistic Purism

Produced by John and Jamie, edited and mixed by John March. Original opening music/sound design by John March © 2017. All rights reserved for all podcasts. Duplication is by permission only.

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