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where you can listen and purchase the 4 CD’s I have produced/mixed and played guitar on. 2 CD’s of Modern Blues with the Zen Blues Quartet featuring: Mike Finnigan (Jimi Hendrix, CSN, Etta James, Taj Mahal, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt), Tim Scott (Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, TOP, Eric Clapton, Robben Ford), Jeffrey Young (Sting, Steely Dan, Dan Fogelberg) and Steve Ferrone (AWB, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and John Mayer), This is a Link to a The Zen Blues Quartet collective credits page;
and 2 CD’s in tribute to the works of Ted Greene. One as a solo Guitar CD and the other as a global Collaborative project exploring guitar in multiple styles of music.

Reviews of ZBQ CD’s:

Blues Rocks the World Parisian Magazine article

Blewzman’s review

“This project is the culmination of a long and arduous mission, the result of a student’s reverence and dedication to his beloved teacher and mentor, Ted Greene.
John March has accomplished the goals he set out for himself by paying a musical tribute to Ted and his works, for the many gifts of learning about music, life, and in fact himself, that were bestowed upon him during the many years Ted graced his life.
Ted’s influence and spirit are subtly reflected throughout John’s interpretations of the beautiful pieces of music he chose to share with others.  Within each piece of music, the process of John’s growth as a musician and a person is evident.  John overcame the most challenging obstacles to attain, what I feel, is a true expression of Ted’s spirit in capturing and immortalizing the inherent beauty and delicate nuance in Ted’s wonderful solo guitar arrangements of standards, as well as displaying some unique qualities, born from John’s history of playing the music of the blues.
Finally, and most honorable, are John’s intentions for creating this project.  I know in my heart that Ted would be so proud of him. May it go forth into the world and work its magic with my blessings.”
Barbara Franklin – Author of My Life with The Chord Chemist: A Memoir of Ted Greene, Apotheosis of Solo Guitar

“I don’t believe in coincidence so it could be no coincidence that I met John March, nor is it coincidence that he has become one of my closest, dearest friends. We make music together and what a gift that has been. I have the utmost respect for John as an artist and as a human being. He carries his integrity into everything he does and it shows in his attention to detail, quality and original expression. I also knew and admired his mentor, the late guitarist/ teacher Ted Green since 1974 and it’s easy to see the influence Ted had on John. John strives to sound like no other guitarist and has blazed his own trail through the landscape of music. This recording is not a ‘labor of love’ but rather a ‘gift, an offering of love’ from student to teacher. It’s a beautiful collection of songs and an inspired performance. Please enjoy….”

Tim Scott – Bass player and Vocalist with Jack Mack, Tower of Power, Dave Mason, Robben Ford, Etta James, The Boneshakers, El Chicano, The Grammy All Stars and his latest project, Zen Blues Quartet, with internationally acclaimed drummer Steve Ferrone.

“Ted Greene was a one-of-a-kind spirit, and both a guiding force and gentle mentor to all to who were lucky enough to study with him. These recordings of John’s – a massive and admirable undertaking to say the very least – are not only a fitting tribute, but also represent the reverence and thankfulness that every former Ted Greene student feels each time we pick up a guitar, and reminds us of the rare and brilliant soul that lives on through the musical legacy he left behind.”
Jamie Kime, Grammy award winning LA session guitarist with Zappa plays Zappa

“These recordings were made with a lot of love and respect and an enormous amount of talent, the kind formed at the intersection of gifted and hard, hard work. The love and respect is revealed in the notes and the heart that shines through on each track and the talent is in these recordings of Ted’s arrangements and John’s awesome improvisations within them. A beautiful wreath laid at the feet of the master by his big-hearted student.”
Sam Broussard – Solo Guitarist extaordinaire, Slide Guitarist of your dreams and Grammy nominated Guitarist with Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys

“I love how you brought Ted’s arrangements to life with your own distinctive tone & feel. A sweet & powerful musical tribute. Thank you!”
Billy Whiteacre – award winning Guitarist and Film and Television Composer, Owner of Big Planet Music

Reviewed January 2008, a “9 out of 10 Star “review for the new CD Again and yet again, for our European/German Fans with Rocktimes Magazine!
Reviewed November 2005 in Modern Drummer magazine; **** 4 Stars!!! “When the best elements of any particular style come together in a complete package, it doesn’t necessarily have to possess ground-breaking qualities to warrant high merit. ZBQ offers everything a great Blues recording requires: convincingly soulful vocals, gritty and inspired guitar, churchy B3 Organ, and a fat pocket, courtesy of veteran groove master Steve Ferrone. The superbly recorded tracks offer a full range of blues grooves, from gut-bucket slow tempo, to uptempo shuffle, and everything in between. Solid! ” As reviewed by Mike Haid Modern Drummer magazine.
Featured artist review on!
Reviewed June 2006 in Southbound Beat Magazine, a Fantastic Southern California Blues magazine!
4 Star review of our first CD in International Bluesbunny Magazine online!!
“Let’s turn to The Zen Blues Quartet CD Again and yet again. We have Mike Finnigan, Tim Scott (Tower of Power, Robben Ford and Jack Mack), Steve Ferrone (AWB, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton) and John March. This disc rocks from start to finish! This CD is one of those hidden gems that you stumble upon, which I did. I am so glad I did.  You will be too. Not only do you have Finnigan’s vocals but also you have Tim Scott.  Scott’s vocals are almost too good to true.   You can feel Tower of Power styles in his singing.  The L.A. horns help that groove along. By the 3rd track this disc really grabs you with a slow groove version of the Steely Dan classic, “Reeling in the Years.  Finnigan and Scott trade vocal duties on the tune to levels beyond belief. Then we get to Don Nix’s “Same Old Blues:  This is the Blues!  A stand out track.  Nix would be proud. I can go on, but I won’t.  This is a CD that you want to buy.  You NEED to buy!   There is not a bad tune on this disc. The musicianship on this CD is first class.  I have listened to most of the players on this CD.  I have never heard of John March, who is the guitarist and producer on this release.  Let me say he is FANTASTIC!” Randy Crump President Wichita Blues Society
I LOVE this CD, especially their cover of Steely Dan’s “Reeling in the Years.” I had to give it a spin last Friday on our blues show. I’m a HUGE fan of Steely Dan, so this was a sweet surprise!
Norma Martinez Traffic Director, host Friday Night Blues KTEP 88.5 FM, El Paso TX
“A total blast!! I love these guys!” LA session musician Rev. Dave Boruff
“A creative project unique in its delivery and artfulness. Every note
enhances the next. These musicians take The Blues and make it sing, cry, and
dance. The guitar cries, the drums are hard hitting, the keyboards tickle,
and the bass line thumps. All I wanted when it was over, was more… Keep it
coming fellas…” Katherine Sue Kelso, Fan #1
“I have the CD in my iPod now and was listening this morning on my way to work. Every once in a while I’ll find a CD that makes me want to jump up, grab my guitar and start playing. This is one of those CD’s. It makes me wish I was up on a stage instead of riding a train to the office. Thanks.”
Bill Morgan, Musician in Tokyo Japan
“What a great CD! It’s always a pleasure having John March and Zen Blues Quartet in our facility! They are true professionals to the core.” Steve Burdick Owner Westlake audio
“I loved the music, and the recording was fantastic” Rick Perrotta Owner Royer Microphones
“I had to write and tell you how much I really enjoyed the Zen Blues CD you sent ! Your guitar style is both refreshing and melodic (great tone dude ! lol), and the band sounds terrific. Your choice of material had a few pleasant “curves” as well. I wish you only the best success with the band. It’s a new unique style and voice in the genre.”
Andy Fuchs/Owner
“Folks that actually care how things sound?
Good solid material recorded very well, mastered well and obviously played by folks that have quite a bit of talent and skill. Not the same old tones! Great sounding amps and guitars that make it clear that somebody cares how things sound. All the musicians on the CD are first rate. There is a nice variety in the selection material. Many blues folks just seem to repeat the same basic song over and over. This CD was refreshing in the aspect of a wider scope of material than is generally common in blues CDs. A CD worthy of any blues collection.” Myles S. Rose Owner Guitar Amplifier Blueprinting
“EXCELLENT recording!  REALLY enjoying this CD, while I know it was done in a studio (the recording and engineering is very crisp!) it really gives that club feel, want to dance, like a good draft beer on tap vs. store-bought “
L. Chris Feetham Senior Field Applications Enginer Intel Cp.
“I would like to thank you for this very cool project. What you succeeded to do is simply the sound which should be offered to every music listener, I mean in an artistic and qualitative way. There is just pure music, no “artifice”, just live music. I really thought before listening to it and to DG’s projects like “Potato Salad”, that at present, there was no musician able to play like this any longer… Nice idea too that supporting Tibetan people, as they have been really suffering a lot from Chinese army  persecution for so many years now, in the total blindness and indifference of the rest of the World ! Keep doing good music like this man !”
Peace to the World and best regards,
“Great CD! I really dig it. Used to play B3 with Jack Mack, and am a friend of Tim’s, so I couldn’t resist it. Best of luck …”
Eric Bikales Keyboards/ Composer/ Arranger
“I’ve been listening to it for a couple of weeks now, and it’s awesome.  My favorite track is Real Mutha For Ya because it brings me back to when Johnny Guitar Watson’s version was popular… Can’t wait until you guys come to Boston…  🙂 ”   Thank you, ~JohnnyZ~
“II’ve been waiting anxiously for a follow up CD, since I’ve almost worn out the 1st one. This is not just another blues band. Great arrangements, great selection of songs, blistering guitar solos, strong vocals, and of course, funky, in the pocket grooves by Steve Ferrone. I’m a drummer, and I’ve been a fan of his since his AWB days. Can’t wait for the new one.” Thanks,
Gordon C Hogan
Baton Rouge, LA.
I loved this album. It defies categorization – so slick, groovy and fun – ZEN says it all! Just when you think you have “got it” the next track surprises. A funky groove like no other from Steve Ferrone. Some great guitar work adds an edge; think Stevie Ray Vaughan with grace not in your face, as Zen balance rules here as these great musicians play off each other so well. Just the right touch on the B3. Everything is real tight. Highly polished and great sounding CD! I highly recommend it. Messin’ with Kid will have your foot tapping. Body and Fender Man is my favorite – so groovy, just the perfect touch! Jeremy Hughes, Canada

Zen Blues Quartet began as an experiment in “Art for the sake of good Art”. We had no expectations, no goals, no ideas that anyone would even hear what we were doing, other than our friends and fellow musicians. We recorded the first CD in one day, with no rehearsal and no plan, just to see what would happen. We did some gigs, sold a bunch of CD’s, ended up being reviewed quite well, and a lot of people liked what we did. In fact enough so that we decided we wanted to do another one.

When Mike Finnigan joined us for a few gigs, (when Jeff Young left to go on tour with Steely Dan), it was pretty obvious that he and Tim had a magic quality that really clicks in when they sing together. The sound of the band got really huge when Mike joined, and so we decided it was time to do another CD.

We had always agreed that, should we go along and make another CD, we would introduce more original materials. On the first CD we covered some of our favorite tunes. On this CD we still do some unusual covers, but we also showcase great original music by the band members.

We spent a few days at Westlake Recording, again with the support and encouragement of my good friend Steve Burdick, owner of Westlake. The sound of the band just blossomed, and then when Bill Churchville and the LA horns came on board the whole sound just exploded beautifully!

We actually mixed and mastered the CD back in June before we all went on the road for the summer, but after mastering we were just not convinced that it was the best possible representation of the band, so we decided to delay distribution. We re-mixed and re-mastered and now believe we have made something unique and special. A truly beautiful exploration, both musically and sonically.

It seems to us that people have forgotten that great music is that which call our attention so intently, so passionately, to the moment, to this moment. Blues is powerful music because it is the heart speaking the truth in the moment. These days with computers and sequencing and cut and paste music, the soul of music seems to be eroding. We wanted, as always, to show that musicians in a room, playing powerful and exciting music, can make something unique that shines in ways that a lot of this “paint by numbers” music does not offer. What excited us about music when we all started playing, was musicians on the edge, taking chances and having the dedication and craft that allowed them to do that.

This CD is definitely a labor of love. A love for music that comes from the heart, the soul, for the music of the Blues. We are not trying to re-invent the wheel here, nor sound like what has come before. We are trying to be honest and true to who we all are as individuals and as a collective. In the end run that is really what the Blues is about; being true to the moment, the passion of that truth expressed in powerful music.

“The music on this CD is part of the brief and beautiful flame of my life. Precious and swift is this dream we all share. Music, and the gift of music, binds us in its ineffable call to attend the passion of the moment. I need this “music of the moment”, because it risks stumbling, (even though that is not really possible with good music), and in so doing, creates something fragile and powerful, beautiful and fleeting. I am honored that the dream of my life has lead me here to this brief and flickering moment. To play music with my friends, and make something beautiful for no reason, other then simply because we can, because we must! That, for me, is a life well lived. To choose to make something unique and honest and powerful, simply because it needs to exist. Our world needs more senseless acts of beauty.

May all beings be free from the root causes of suffering, Again and yet again may it be so…”

The Musicians and credits:

Mike Finnigan – Hammond B3 Organ, Piano, Vocals
Tim Scott – Bass and Vocals
John March – Guitars
Steve Ferrone – Drums
Special guests The LA Horns, Featuring; Rev. Dave Boruff – Saxophones, Bill Churchville – Trumpets, Ed Wynne- Saxophones.

Specials Guests; Carmen Grillo – Background Vocals, Curtis Salgado – Blues Harmonica, Marty Grebb – Rhodes Piano

Horn Arrangements by Bill Churchville

Produced, engineered and mixed by John March

Principal recording February 2007 2nd and 3rd at Westlake Recording,

Vocal Overdubs at Big Surprise Music Studio

Keyboard overdubs at High Fidelity studios

Guitar overdubs at IAGstudios.
Mixed at IAGstudios.
Additional engineering credits: Westlake recording: Brian Warwick (Protools Op/Assistant Engineer), Eric Rennaker (Assistant Engineer), Brian Naguit (Assistant Engineer), Sara Clark (Organizational Goddess)
Carmen Grillo and Johnny Lee Schell

Audio consultants: Bruce Nazarian and Jim Baldree, without whom I would not have been able to mix this CD because they came, they listened, and they gave me honest perspective and invaluable support and advice when I was lost in the mixes! Thank You!!

John would like to thank and acknowledge:
Eliot Ivanhoe and Barbra Freidman for their invaluable and unconditional support that allowed me to be able to make this CD, My son Jesse, Marjorie Helen Martinez mon petit papillon, Deb and Paul and the entire Dempsey clan for love and friendship and great sing-alongs, Cheri Huber for her wisdom and Guidance in all things Zen, Myles Rose for his unflagging generosity and support, Steve Burdick and Westlake recording and for his constant willingness to take risks and support good music, Brenda Visceglia, Carmen Grillo and Johnny Lee Schell for their generosity and great studios, Dave Dewolfe and Quantum Wealth Management, and all the musicians on this CD who contributed their time and talents.

Mixed at IAGstudios September – November 2007

Matered by Robert Vosgien at Capitol Mastering in Hollywood 11/07

Produced and Mixed by John March

This recording belongs entirely to John March and Zen Blues Quartet. © November 2007

Property of Shunyata Records™ All rights reserved.

Warning: All rights reserved, including all rights of the Producer and of the owner of the recorded work. Unauthorized copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring or rental of this recording is strictly prohibited, as provided by applicable law.Unauthorized duplication of this recorded material may also result in consequences Karmic in nature, ©2007.

This project, For Once in My Life CD, was funded in part by the Pathways To Jazz grant, a donor advised fund of the Boulder County Arts Alliance”.

The Zen Blues Quartet is:

Mike Finnigan – B3 Organ/Kbds and Vocals John March – Guitar Tim Scott – Bass and Vocals Steve Ferrone – Drums

The various members of this project have, at different times, toured/recorded and or performed with: Jimi Hendrix, Crosby Stills and Nash, Etta James, Dave Mason, The Butterfield Blues Band, Janis Joplin, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, The Allman Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Lionel Richie, Michael Bolton, B. B. King, Sheila E., Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Tower of Power, Chaka Kahn, Cyndie Lauper, Average White Band, Sir Elton John, Chicago, Dave Mustane of Megadeath, Phil Collins, Kenny Loggins, Fleetwood Mac, Mr. Mister, Eddie Money, Amy Grant, Don Henley, Boz Scaggs, Prince, Earth, Wind and Fire, Madonna, Toto, Joe Cocker, Stevie Wonder, Greg Allman, Carly Simon, Sly, Chicago, Brenda Russell, David Foster, Natalie Cole, Juice Newton, Bill Champlin, Dolly Parton, Mary Clayton, Dusty Springfield, Mary Travers, Michael Nesmith, Jackie Wilson, Thomas Dolby, Anita Baker, The Joan Rivers Show, Kiss, The Sons Of Champlin, Elvin Bishop, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, Narada Michael Walden, Lionel Richie, Ringo Starr, Harvey Mason, Rita Coolidge, Richard Page, Steve Gadd, Glen Campbell, The Four Tops, Sheena Easton, Melissa Manchester, Vinny Coliuta, Thelma Houston, Valerie Carter, Steve Plunkett, Patti Austin, Taj Mahal, Barbara Streisand, Dan Ackroyd, Rosanne Arnold, Tom Arnold, Atlantic Starr, Azteca, Pete Barbutti, B.B.Chun King, Jim Belushi, George Benson, Crystal Bernard, Kurtis Blow, Sir Harry Bowens, Bekka Bramlett, Rick Braun, Julie Brown, Billy Burnette, Rocky Burnette, Gary Busey, Jonathan Butler, Cameo, Tia Carerra, Felix Cavalierre, George Clinton & P-Funk, Albert Collins, Rita Coolidge, Larry Coryell, Scott Cossu, Robert Cray, Gavin Christopher, Steve Cropper, Rich Dangel, Sarah Dash, Kal David, Taylor Dayne, Al Dimeola, The Drifters, El Chicano, Richard Elliot, Keith Emerson, Melissa Etheridge, Buzz Feiten, Corey Feldman, Mick Fleetwood, Robben Ford, Ronnie Foster, John Goodman, Guitar Shorty, Ellis Hall, Herbie Hancock, Woody Harrelson, Ron Holden, Brenda Holloway, Mark Hudson, The Inkspots, Chris Isaak, Jack Mack & The Heart Attack, Millie Jackson, Al Jarreau, Jay & the Techniques, Kid Frost, The Kingsmen, The Kingston Trio, Sam Kinison, Janie Lane, David Lanz, Neil Larsen, Eugene Levy, Mark Lindsay, Little Anthony, Cheech Marin, Roscoe Martinez, Michael McDonald, Mellow Man Ace, Lee Michaels, Buddy Miles, Sam Moore, Gary Morris, Maria Muldaur, Shaun Murphy, Bill Murray, Rick Neilson (Cheap Trick), Ivan Neville, Edward James Olmos, Lee Oskar, Freda Payne, Michael Penn, Billy Preston, Johnny Rivers, Howard Roberts, Merrilee Rush, Katy Sagal, Curtis Salgado, Timothy B. Schmit, Diane Schuur, Marilyn Scott, Steven Seagal, Brian Setzer, B.J. Sharp, Jeff Silbar, Jeff Simmons, Slash, J.D. Souther, Mavis Staples, Stephen Stills, Sharon Stone, Keith Sweat, Mick Taylor, Sam “The Man” Taylor, Tierra, Tony-Toni-Tone, Ralph Towner, Kathy Troccolli, Tanya Tucker, Big Joe Turner, Phil Upchurch, Steve Vai, Tata Vega, The Ventures, Pat & Lolly Vegas (Redbone), John Waite, War, Wild Orchid, Lenny Williams, Bruce Willis & the Accelerators, Pauline Wilson, Edgar Winter, Peter Wolf, Wolfman Jack, Bobby Womack, Ali Woodson, Dwight Yoakum, as well as headlining many times at the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali and performing at the 2003 Superbowl in San Diego.