John March Audio/Video Technical services

One aspect of what do is as an audio craftsman/technologist, Producer, professional musician, and A/V technology consultant with more than 35 years of experience in multiple areas of expertise and development, and I am currently focused entirely on creating opportunities that utilize my aggregate skill-sets and diverse professional experience to help solve problems that serve the greater good. I am able to solve complex problems and function as a liaison between fiscal, technical, logistical and creative team members. My specialties include advanced creative problem solving and consulting, team building and production methodology, and utilizing cutting-edge and evolving technologies. I also have extensive experience in Post production for Audio and Video, New Media, VR and much more. My top priority is always to bring out the best in the people I work with in order to create the best possible end product.

Services offered:

In collaboration with ALOC media in Boulder Co, I am providing high level Audio and Video Production services. Our team of experts and professionals can offer extremely cost effective solutions for any and all media productions: e.g  Promotional Video for businesses and artists/music projects, Live performance and Arts Video, testimonials/interviews, Live/remote mutlitrack recording and mixing, Post production editorial and mixing, dialog editorial, Audio repair, Motion Graphics design, Branding logo animations, Sound design, Music production/recording, guitar/editorial, Haptics design, AR and VR consultation, Photography, Workflow design for media production, and much more!

You are welcome to contact me for a free consultation! johnmarchaudio at gmail dot com

Skills and tech:

Protools and Multiple DAW’s

Mixing for any delivery Platform

Live sound Mixing

Sound design for all media forms

Event Management and Production

Music editing

Music Mixing

Finalcut editing


Adobe suites




Virtual reality workflow and production design

Haptics editorial and design for National and international Mobile Media Campaigns

Recent efforts and projects;

Producer and Media consultant for Naropa University eNaropa online education initiative. Developing curriculum, editing and producing media content, Audio and Video, for online education environment.

Producer and media consultant with ALOC media, producing content for local business and artists in Boulder CO. Links to recent projects in collaboration with ALOC here.

Guest Lecturer at Denver University – invited by the department of Music & Entertainment Industry Studies at University of Colorado Denver to teach MA Post production 2nd year students

AV Technical consultant at NIST, (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in Boulder

Haptics editor/Designer, trained at Immersion – Haptics design for Netflix Luke Cage Trailer, Cadillac Commercial, Silverado Commercial, Lottery, Bose Speakers UK, Bose Headphones UK, Ford F150

Post Production Supervisor and consultant for ABC TV and Finish Line Post in LA

AV Media consultant, editor, system and workflow design for Dharma Ocean in Boulder and Crestone Co.

AV consultant and technical Operator for The Stewart Museum and event center in Longmont

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